It’s ok to have children without getting married now, isn’t it?

The title of this post is what someone said to me today, as a pointed accusation that I am secretly intolerant.

I changed the subject and felt hurt that they wanted to do this, and now I feel guilty I didn’t respond properly, so I’m going to try and make myself feel better by writing here what I should have said.

Presumably you think it’s wrong to cheat on your wife? Why is it such a stretch then to want to avoid “pre-emptively” cheating on her?

Should I bring it up tomorrow?

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  1. How can you pre-emptively cheat on your wife if you never get married?

    Did you bring it up?

  2. Marriage is only a word for what should already exist as a bond. Again, if you have to ask “do I need to do X to show my commitment?” you are asking to be let off the hook while at the same time admitting that X is exactly what you are trying to avoid.

    This is precisely the struggle with God.

    Perfecting our wills unto grace, purifying our faith through action

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