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When I read the words of the crucified Christ that tells me to “abandon all that I own” I have found it difficult to relate to what others in practical terms believe of this teaching? In our personal fellowship with God what has really been done to liberate ourselves with the wise instructions in these texts of our culturally rich society?

The thought of abandoning or “forsaking all” has not escaped me, and I am sure all of us called at some time or the other have been blessed to contemplate the thoughts of total dependence on God that is if we are honest with ourselves; some do dare.

If the question – to forsake all then live by faith – has come for us at least once, then shouldn’t we consider ourselves blessed to have had the opportunity to come closer to God with God’s mercy? Mercy, because we may not have returned Him the favour of our sincerity in response.

Any one who has read the a fair bit of Mathew (18:28,29) and Luke (12:32 & 14:33) would see repeatedly passages of salvation referring to “only those who forsake are the faithful and are free.”

Is this what Christianity is really is? (Mtw 6:19, 21 24-30).

Are we who are called to be Christians ready or have already forsaken all material affection and that which we rely on for the spreading of the Gospel and the witnessing of Jesus? As other Christ(s)?

If not, then I suppose Christianity is not really as popular as we are lead to believe and is rarely even practiced in material rich nations. I think C.S. Lewis said something about that once which struck me as true. He said: “It’s not that many have become Christians and found that it failed them, but more that they haven’t or couldn’t make the effort to practice (true) Christianity.” I personally don’t know of many people even the most honest who would forsake all for the convictions they felt about what Jesus meant and said according to the Gospels. Though I have known someone who would forsake all for their hard-line opinions (and risk jail for it), which comes close, but not many have I seen to count forsaking all as a valuable wise decision for their faith.

So what does this mean? That we didn’t take the Gospels literally? That we didn’t take him literally? And if so are we the cause of our own disbelief and or miserable lack of faith because we have not tried with grace true Christianity? This unpopular faith?

Well, those who want to hear something real,
Looking for something true
If you have come to refute
This one is for you!


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  1. I have actually found out what the quote I was referring to was.
    It was said that: “Its not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting. Its just that people knew it to be difficult, and so they never tried it.”
    Apologies it was not C.S. Lewis but G.K. Chesterton that said this…
    The quote taken from the opening chapter refugees in a book named survivors.

    18:28, 29
    But Peter said: “Look! We have left our own things and followed you,”
    He said to them: “Truly I say to you, There is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God. 30 ( who will not in any way get…everlasting life)


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