What is a Christian?

Sometimes when I’m making a web page I want to make a link to a page just saying what a Christian is, and how to become one. I think maybe I should do that on quite a few of my web pages, because it doesn’t inconvenience anyone who isn’t interested, but it might just be useful to someone who was interested.

The problem is that I don’t trust other people. You never know what mad stuff they’ll say, or what other mad stuff will be on the other pages of their site. So I don’t want to link to other people – I want to link to you people! I trust people on Guilty Expression, and I want to hear what you think it means to be a Christian.

So I’ve made a Wiki page here:

What Is a Christian?

The idea is that I (and other people) can make a link directly pointing at this page, and anyone who is interested can find out what a Christian is, how to become one, etc.

I’ve added a bit of blurb, and some possible questions people might have, but please feel free to change anything there, add questions, re-arrange, or anthing. Let’s make this page the best of its kind on the web, with the distinctive “edge” you get on GE because you can say whatever you like here…

I’d encourage you to link to this page (when it’s a bit more finished) from comments you make on sites, or on your own blogs or web sites, wherever you think it might be useful to someone to find out more about Christianity.

If Wiki scares you, and you don’t want to learn how to edit the page directly, just click “Post Comment” on this page, and write down what you’d like to add or change, and I’ll make the changes to the real Wiki page.

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  1. Oh dear – I once knew someone who took great offence at anybody speaking on behalf of others, like saying “Christians believe X”. (That didn’t stop him making generalisations about other people excluding himself, like “Baptists believe X”.) I tried to argue with him, but I didn’t get anywhere.

    Hopefully we can agree on what a Christian is! But is there anything essential that defines a Christian? e.g. some people may say a belief in salvation through faith in Christ is necessary, others wouldn’t. Maybe there’s more of a ‘family resemblance’ between Christians, to use Wittgenstein’s term. But one Christian inter-society forum I know of even considered letting the Christian Scientists join them. And what about Moby, or atheist Christians?

    But maybe my head’s just been messed up by too much time at uni. Maybe it’s easy for different people to combine to give a description of what’s typical of Christians, that they can agree with. Must look at the wikipedia again…

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