The Bride’s Near Future

I believe there’s coming a time that Christianity will go through a second reformation.

We will see once again, as Martin Luther was disgruntled, discouraged people leaving outdated traditions to find something of substance. People are starting to awaken spiritually, and see that this physical world is not all that there is. People are starting to leave the faith of their forefathers for something tangible, for something ‘real.’ Face it.

If you’re a church attendee, look about you. If you don’t attend church, look within. People my age (27 in March) are not present. The teens usually go because they’re forced to, or it gives them something to do. People aren’t going to church to know God per se, but rather to acquire knowledge or fulfill obligations. Where’s the passion? Will we be told by Jesus Himself that He never knew us? Will all our works burn up and be counted as worthless rubbish, because we didn’t pursue a personal relationship with the King Himself? What is the future state of the Body?

We may not be in persecution times here in America, but historians are documenting that people in other lands are being killed for knowing Jesus more than any other time in our history. Also, world religions and cultic activity are on the rise. Christianity has a mission field being raised up; groups of people to be reached for the Kingdom of God.

This leads me back to the opening point. People are looking for something to fill the thirst of their spirit, for something that will feed the spirit–that was created by God–to hunger for Him. However, people arent finding spirituality in the Body of Christ, where spiritual intimacy SHOULD be. They see traditions and legalities without any realness, without any passion, without any concern for people, and perhaps without knowing Christ Himself personally.

There is fortunately a stir amidst believers, individually. I believe that there’s a revival around the corner. In our future, there will be hotspots in the world, in which they’ll be “named” like cities. But there “cities” won’t be based on population, but rather based on the intensity of God’s people’s love for Jesus; people individually intimate with God. There is an emerging church, a second reformation. There is an arising, unsilent group of people seeking to know Christ and not programs, and to love God without reservation rather than merely observing traditions.

Traditions and programs are only as good as their usefulness, and people are leaving the institutional organizations: “church.” CHURCH is now again being defined as a verb, as it should have always been, rather than a noun.

Sacred buildings will be empty. There’s a group of people leaving Man’s ministries and joining the living Organism called the Bride of Christ. People want something real. People want something to live for. People want, as they were created to want, something of substance and purpose, to know WHY they exist.

Let’s prepare for the future status of the Church! Let’s awaken ourselves to be a worldwide time-breaking, unified people who individually are in pursuit for Jesus; who will run hard after Him with everything we’ve got.

When that time comes, as Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24, when people (even church-goers) will HAVE to choose for or against Christ, I want to be firm in my choice for Christ! The grey, “ethical” areas are coming to be more black and white in the Kingdom of God, as He’s calling us to be a unified, holy, pure, mature Church, and I desire to be pleasing to my Beloved! I desire to be found as faithful and trustworthy. I desire for His will alone. I desire Jesus, and nothing else matters. Lord, bring on the end days where the true and faithful will declare Your name and Your glory, without guilt or shame!

Written by Steve Hudson. Contact me for more.

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  1. Thanks very much for reporting on the coming hope that I feel involves us all no matter where we may be hiding-Peace…

  2. 🙂 I have received some questions via email in regards to the above article. I plan on responding with a compiled essay, hoping to elaborate and explain some things that were inquired. I can be reached at The Magpie Coffeehouse (, where I work as a ministry intern. At the end of the month, I should be freed up to be more involved with blogs, boards, and chats. Let’s talk! 🙂 God bless.

  3. Obviously everyone should feel free to email anyone, but I would encourage you to discuss things on the web site if you want to, because then everyone can get the benefit of your thoughts 🙂

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