Not Lost

A poem.


Not Lost
Something missing
but not lost

Everything lined up nicely but
what now
what’s missing


Told many times he loves you
you’re not lost

Also told many lies
by wrong good people

When will I learn my lesson
or is this how it is
when you’re different
because he made you so

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  1. I don’t really have a comment except to say that I like the poem. Especially this bit: “Also told many lies

    by wrong good people”.

  2. Deep Waters

    Hm – yes, man’s heart
    (the busy thinking part)
    is a deep pool
    to the bottom no one ever really gets nearer;
    not even its bearer

    This heart, I think
    (below the brink)
    is a cesspool
    and only the surface gleams now above the glum;
    few see beyond its shiny s*****

    God is my pool-care
    His Word and prayer
    are chlorine
    He tests me to bring the dirt to the surface;
    as life stirs my deep waters

    Godless and untended
    completely undefended
    my heart
    grows gradually dull, dirty and dark;
    as mishaps make their mark

    How comfortably sin’s strangling weeds
    nourished thoughtlessly by fruitless deeds
    grow in the soul swamp
    only obedience could ever bring rejuvenation;
    hmm…to clear water revival : celebration!

    Gavin WJ Young
    30th December 1998

  3. Thanks so much for this Gavin, I really like it. Why not post things like this as articles next time … it’s certainly worth it.

    Any more poems, anyone?

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