More than a name

What is so miraculous about the name of Jesus?

How did this name we say become so, so life-giving?
Like described in Acts 4:12 for example;

Furthermore, there is no salvation in anyone else, for there is not another name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved.

In a sense are all our names faithful? Depending on who puts faith in us when they say our names? Like family, or friends?

It is a simple name, yes but what makes it miraculous? As it is described in Acts (4:12 and 2:38.)?

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  1. He has been described as the king of kings, lamb of God, messiah, Holy one of God, the bread of life, the bridegroom, the cornerstone and I’m sure you can find many others.

    So what makes his name miraculous was surely who he was. God in the flesh.

    No one on earth can boast that except Jesus.

  2. In Philippians 2 (v8-10) it says that it was because Jesus humbled himself and submitted to the cross that God made his name so powerful.

    I think it’s not just the name as a word (many other people would have had the name Jesus – or Joshua which I believe is the same in Hebrew). The ‘name’ refers to Jesus’s whole identity and what he did.

    For instance, we say to do something “in someone’s name” is to have their power and authority.

  3. To me “God made flesh” as you put it is a concept of mystery. God being all knowing makes me believe that the name “Jesus” was preordained for the Christ. That this was to be God’s name on earth. But Jesus has we know of the story having ascended to heaven is still called by his earthly name “Jesus” by us. A name as others on GE have said that belonged to other folks than the Christ of the cross. Would this mean that the name of Jesus meant nothing, as we know today until the crucifixion?

  4. Thanks for the tip mate! About the Jesus, and Joshua similarities. It is always nice to hear the coming of things and fix them in our situation.

  5. True but by God’s angel proclaiming that the child would be called Jesus sounds like God putting himself on man’s terms.


  6. Not exactly sure what you mean but I can expand on “God made flesh”

    I was hoping to show that ‘Jesus’ as a name means just as as much as David or Richard or Helen or ….whatever name you wish. What makes the difference between people with the same name is who they are. This applies equally to those with different names.

    I believe God had a major problem in relating to humans since he is God and we find it hard to relate to that (not being Gods). So in order to show that he understood us and so that we could understand him more he “became flesh” or he became human.

    I think at the time Jesus was a common name and it was used to show that God is not for the elite but for everyone.

  7. Thank you further clarifying what you meant by God becoming flesh.

    When I began this thread I had this question in mind: when we use the name of Jesus do we all mean the same person? This king of kings and Lord of lords?
    Like you know Wave our saying of Jesus may be the same in name but our beliefs and actions differ strongly. This leads me to ask what is in this name if it can represent conflicting opinions and forces.

    When I say God being made flesh is a concept of mystery I just meant that some have said he has existed since the start of time. You know it is just eerie to think that there was an exact time – the way we understand time – when God became flesh as we believe it. After all his generation did not recognise him as anything else than a man. Not the way we do some hundreds years later. I find this a little eerie or mystical if you prefer.


  8. I always find it amazing how when I write something, people can interpret the message completely differently from what I meant to say.

    As for the name of Jesus, I think I know what you now meant a little clearer. The name Jesus is used by many as a name to praise and also by many as a common swear word. These are as you say conflicting in their use.

    I guess (and it is just that) that it could be compared to Maths. Some people slate it saying it’s not applicable in their lives and others seem to find no end of uses from building bridges to understanding the movements of the universe.

    As for the time aspect of God – I am not smart enough to comprehend that side of him. He is everywhere in all parts of time, how can I possibly understand that. So I just choose to believe he is with me and everyone else all the time in some way.

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