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  1. Have only skim read that for now – but wow! Really like and feel quite relieved about a lot of what it said – will be back to read properly. Oh, and this is M because I think I just signed out…

  2. Phew, what a relief – that makes me feel a lot better. Particularly the bit about how a lot of Christians didn’t / don’t even have Bibles to read (and study guides). Tho I’m sure they still spent more time praying than I do. Some of them.

  3. Very nice article. I want to get a real hunger for prayer and the Bible, rather than it just being a ‘discipline’. I believe in discipline, but it’s dismal if that’s the typical attitude to knowing God. Coming at Christianity from an attitude of weakness and hunger definitely sounds right.

  4. Someone I know got ordained, and he told me that the bishop at the service told them all that they were weaker than other people because God was helping them by giving them a job where they’re constantly reminded about him and so on, whereas most people have to follow God in less direct situations, whilst juggling stuff that doesn’t seem immediately related to him.

    In a similar way, I feel like when I manage to have my “quiet time” for me it’s really a crutch to get some time thinking about and talking with God, because I’m so bad at “praying continually” – it’s something I can barely understand, let alone do.

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