Retiring GuiltyExpression?

Dear all,

Activity on GE has been pretty much zero, and I just don’t seem to have enough time to write new articles. Meanwhile the spam attacks continue, and I don’t really have time to fight them off, King Canute-like. So, I am thinking of retiring the site, and making a static archive of it available so that people can still read what we talked about, but the spammers can’t ruin it.

This will make me very sad, but unless some people are prepared to start writing articles, I don’t think the site is going to have any momentum. It has been amazing sharing ideas, inspiration and frustration with you all: don’t stop expressing the unspeakable!

If you don’t think the end has come yet for GE, let me know. I’d love to see it continue to be useful to people, and a place where I can hang out.

By the way, my email address appears to have been silently throwing my emails away for ages now, so I’m _really_ sorry if you emailed me – it just didn’t get to me. Try my other address – andy at and you will definitely get me.

Love, and see you around.


P.S. If you have opinions about this, visit the discussion board and let’s discuss it there.

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  1. Well after finally getting myself a job with a desk I can now input into GE on a regular basis I find that you are closing it down???

    Typical – but there is still hope

    I could say (was it Abraham who argued with God?) What if there are 50 people using GE….40,10..1?

    Anyway let me know since we can still post our thoughts here

    Surely we haven’t exhausted every topic – can’t beleive it

  2. It is a real shame to hear this Andy, as I last remembered you discussing the possibilities of reaching a wider audience. If I am correct I think that a few suggestions such as flyers at campuses, and other media were thrown in for outreach. I wished to hear what would come of this, but then like you said; activity dwindled. (for reasons you described)

    If there is no blocking on further submissions then there’s nothing stopping me personally from writing anything, but like an above poster mentioned I was saving youse from reading my rambled projections…for the moment…

    Moments like this can lead to reflection, and let us seriously consider what our aims were, if there were aims in the first place. I always had the impression that posts made here were unforced, natural. We just came to get things off our chest.

    what is to be done peps? Should things end here?


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