Looser Syndrone!

I am stupid, I hear the lyrics of D.C Talk ‘Seek to confirm my suspision that I am still in need of a Saviour’

I total stink or is it that I am getting closer to God. If you spend five mins with me you’ll realise.

I am a lier, a creep, bad boy friend, lustfull, I smell am well over weight need to grow up. Need to realise that for a time such as this but why cant I change?

I dare not even put my name on here incase some reconises my name and I look like a failure but even if they do it is true and like it is all sin so hey prayer for me rightouse one! and as paul weller sings heal me holy man

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  1. Anonymous, you’re extremely welcome here. I often share your feelings of being rubbish and not being able to change – I’m sure most of the people here do. So please feel accepted and in good company. Warmest wishes, DavidB

  2. I’ve felt like this a lot in my life. Don’t forget that it’s not true, even though you feel it – when God looks at you he sees Jesus. It’s really hard to take in, but we all need to keep trying…

  3. Dude I know you, you’re me…… not to take anything away fromyour own pain.

    I seem to recal a few years ago the wonderstuff reliesed a sond or album called modern idiot and the t-shirt used to just read idiot – I own my own t-shirt then Jesus said give to me all your hassles, worries, identitiess, t-shirts and I will give you rest.


  4. Yeah, I often feel I’m a total loser, but I was struck by some things I read last week in a book called “Victory over the Darkness”. It was saying how the New Testament calls Christians ‘saints’ loads of times, and never calls them ‘sinners’. (Except talking about them before they were saved.) God doesn’t want us to label ourselves ‘miserable sinners’, however miserable we think we are, and however much baggage of sinfulness and rubbish we’ve still got from our old life before He saved us. We don’t need to feel unworthy to call ourselves Christians or His children – we are unworthy and will never deserve it or be able to earn it, but we don’t need to, praise God!!

    And someone told me about a Christian he knew who just looked at himself in the mirror every day and thought “What a hypocrite!” And he said to him “Who do you think wants you to think that about yourself – would God want you just to condemn yourself and depress yourself all the time?”

    I keep trying to believe that God really doesn’t look at me and shake His head, but actually feels delight and love…

  5. I read “VotD” a while back and was really inspired by it. I wonder if I’m a bit more cynical now and wouldn’t find it encouraging at all. How was it, Midge?

  6. Well, I didn’t read it in every detail, but I found it was really encouraging, particularly in terms of showing just how strongly the Bible talks about things like us being loved by God, and being His child and free from condemnation, freed from our sinful nature etc. – that they’re not just nice Christian thoughts but are laid on with a trowel by the Bible, that we shouldn’t be defeatist in our struggles with sin and the past and life. It helps you think about your own problems and worries and why you have them, and it also has lots of encouraging stories about people being changed and having their problems dealt with. It reminded me of “Healing for Damaged Emotions” (see http://guiltyexpression.org/wiki/index.php?BooksToRead), only a bit more upbeat or something.

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