Spread the word – Fliers!

I’ve decided it’s time to get the word out. Other people need a place where they can say what they really think, and we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves.

I’ve designed some fliers that would be suitable for cutting up and giving out or leaving around at a freshers’ fair at uni or somewhere else like that. They’re here:


Why not print some off and give them out, or make your own? If you have any good ideas I’ll put them up on thesite for others to use.

If you’d like the original document I can send it to you so you can adapt it too.

What to do:

Why not spend one afternoon hanging around at freshers’ fair near the CU stall giving out fliers to people walking by? Someone might come past who’s going to have a terrible time at uni and would really benefit from the sympathetic ear they can get at GE.

If you’re not a student think of somewhere else you can give them out. Why not print off a few and have them hanging around until you think of a person or situation where people might be interested?

Let me know on andy@guiltyexpression.org about anywhere you do anything to spread the word.

Let’s get the message out that there are people who understand. It’s needed.

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  1. They may be okay for existing Christians and if that is all you are looking for, fine, but I think there are aspects of the site that would encourage non-Christains to come here and all I don’t see those in the fliers.

  2. What kind of thing would you put in for them?

    I guess I think of GE as most useful for Christians and non-quite-Christians and used-to-beChristians and wish-they-weren’t-Christians, etc. but of course we want to hear from everyone who has something to say…

  3. That’s a valid point and I think you are right to target it to a more specific audience otherwise you end up diluting the support you can give.

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