There are many things which happen in this world which can’t be explained through the reason and logic of this world.

This is not so strange since most of us can not really explain how the world started with 100% certainty or indeed how/why we came into being ourselves. Unsurprisingly we find out that many other things beyond our understanding happen in this world.

For myself I have opted for the rather easy route of believing in God. This solves all the problems associated with ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’ and in my head and my heart I can put it down to faith in God.

So what miracles do I want to talk about other than the miracle of life itself. Well I have been so overwhelmed by God recently that I have to show it in writing for if I don’t I feel I may forget how completely stunned, amazed, dumbfounded, ludicrously happy, shocked and surprised I am with miracles.

A small aside is that an interesting twist on the above emotions is that I also felt guilty, very undeserving, humbled, greed and fear.

On to what miracles I’m on about. Well I’ll give you ones throughout my life just so you realise that this sort of thing doesn’t just happen once.

Age of 9 – Prayed that a teacher wouldn’t get cross that I hadn’t done my project (he was normally quite strict). He was in fact very kind and considerate.

Age of 19 – Prayed that Cardiff would accept me even though I missed their offer by one grade. I now have a 2.1 (yeah baby) from Cardiff.

Age of 20 – Asked God if he would give me some friends I could trust if I was to follow him, I can safely say I have friends I would trust my life with.

Age of 23 – Started to join in prayers about the possibility of a nephew, since my brother and his wife couldn’t seem to have kids. They now have two.

Age of 25 – Prayed about job – became a volunteer.

Age of 27 – Asked God where I would get the money for an MSc. Cheques totalling £6,000 came literally through the letter box a month before I started. (Tuition and rent for the year was £7,500)

Age of 28 – Asked God where I would get a car since mine just died. God has given me a car for free, which is even better than the last one.

I have only given the highlights but needless to say there are many more miracles or at least mini-miracles which I have witnessed or been part of. The odd thing is, my faith you would of thought would be like that of an apostle but it really isn’t. I have my doubts and worries and my family will certainly tell you I’m less than perfect, so why me?

I have no answer to that except to say – “Praise God, Praise God and more Praises to God” (also noted that saying this while dancing around with an enormous smile on my face)


P.s. I’m going to starting a discussion topic about miracles if you want to speak of any since it is less formal than writing an article.

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