Is Christianity a socialist faith?

I have been reading 2 Cor Chapter 8 13 – 15 (and Exodus 16 which it refers to). As I read the words of Paul I get a strong feeling that being in a Christian Community should mean equality and when we have plenty we should give it up. This to me fits in with socialism. I don’t mean the Labour Party but I do mean a political ideal. Was Christ a socialist? If so should we be?

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  1. I also get that feeling when reading & hearing about those verses, and others. I think it does fit in with socialism and yes, I do think we should be that way inclined.

  2. I’d call myself a Christian socialist, personally, but I think that the Bible’s view goes beyond any particular modern ideology. For instance, the OT law is very hot on private property, but equally hot on compulsory concern and action for the poor and needy. I can see why there are Christians in each of the political parties – the Bible goes beyond all of the parties in an inspiring way; none of them can claim a monopoly on our faith, and none can find a way of encapsulating and containing all of God’s concerns. But yes, I think socialism captures a lot of important aspects of God’s heart.

  3. The way I see it, there are lots of political philosophies that look to distribute wealth fairly, not just socialism. Socialism just goes about it in a very direct way.

    I’m sure the idea that if you make the pot bigger everyone will get more is also pretty biblical if it means everyone’s got food etc.

    Sorry, not expressing myself very well this morning.

  4. Perhaps the original poster could outline the specific kind of things they feel this verse should make us believe/do and we could see whether we agree?

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