Women in leadership roles

Ok. I’ve thought about it and having said there’s no way I’d write an article…

Have been reading stuff that people have posted and there are occasional comments kind of bordering on this but I’d like to hear what you all have to say. I don’t mean women as vicars/priests/etc but more general: in leadership in any capacity.

Is something which suddenly has more meaning in my life and not sure what I think about it. Have heard a lot of people say that women shouldn’t take on responsibility and leadership and most of the people I remember as leaders are male.

So ok, that isn’t a brilliant article but it’s what I think. Expecting my opal fruit now…

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  1. Yeah this is well worth discussing. I’d like some ammo from the Bible to argue that women should be in leadership roles, including vicars etc. Any ideas anyone?

    Are there people here who would like to argue the other way, or just balance us out a bit?

  2. I have come across quite a few women in my life who are great leaders. Some people say that women shouldn’t be leaders. If you say that women should not take on roles of leadership, I believe that you a doing something that is morally reprehensible. Why? Because you are denying many women the opportunity to use their God-given gifts. M, let me say this – you say that most of the people you remember as leaders are male – well, most of the leaders I know are male, and this is most likely the same for everyone. This is not because men are better leaders, but because we sadly still live in a prejudiced, male-dominated society. I believe that the society is improving, though, and I am optimistic about it.

    Biblical things about equality and women leaders:
    Adam and Eve were jointly given the dual responsibility of populating the earth and managing the environment. In order to fulfil this command they must have brought their best abilities to the accomplishments of both tasks in a relationship of equal partnership.

    The evidence indicates that women were entrusted with the ministry of the Word in New Testament churches. There were female prophets (Acts 2:17-19), female teachers (Acts 18:26, Titus 2:3), female church leaders (Rom. 16:1, 3-5; Phil. 4:3; Col. 4:15) and even a female apostle called Junias (Rom. 16:7).

    There is no text in the Bible forbidding women to be ordained because, according to the New Testament, all believers without exception are ordained by God to do ministry on the basis of their spiritual gifts (Rom. 12:4-5; Col. 3:16; 1Thess 5:11, and many others).
    I know other Biblical passages, but don’t have time to write them down.

    It is unjust and illogical to prevent a woman from becoming a leader, whether in church or not, when she is clearly suited for the task.

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