Answers not Questions?

Reading through the site there seems to be too many answers and not enough questions. Sometimes people put an idea on which then gets a comment that seems to suggest the idea was a question that needs an answer. Bono from U2 once said that his faith gave him a whole lot more questions in life instead of answers. What do other people think?

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  1. Agree with you. When I was younger I was more inclined to think there were straightforward answers to things, I just didn’t know what they were yet. Now when people give me “answers” I rarely find that they actually satisfy the questions I am asking and they usually lead to more questions. Am learning to accept that there just aren’t answers to a lot of things that I want to know and it frustrates me when people try and give me a textbook response which is supposed to stop me asking. And I’m sorry if this has gone off topic from what you meant!

  2. I agree too. It’s something I often do myself: I don’t mean to suggest that I know all the answers, but I often sound like I do. Sorry all. I definitely agree with the quote from Bono – I just get more confused every day I live through.

  3. Hi, I know I’m often guilty of being too quick to give opinions, and spending too little time listening to or thinking of the important questions. I’m really sorry for when I post in a way that is or appears proud or arrogant. Please bear with me; I want very much to become humble. I do find it a struggle that I must keep working at. I’m sure there’s an important place for opinions, but I’m learning the importance of questions too.

  4. Is it wrong to try and answer somebody’s questions?!

    Like all of you, I’m not about to think I’ve got all the answers, but at the same time I am very willing to offer any answers on a topic which I think I have understanding of. James 1 says we must believe God gives us wisdom if we ask for it. So I answer people believing that God gives me wisdom, and I trust that when my answer isn’t right, God will work it out anyway.

    What’s interesting, is how one person may accept my answers to be what they were looking for, while othes feel like they need to keep searching. It seems we often know what we want to hear, and won’t be settled until we hear it.


  5. > Is it wrong to try and answer somebody’s questions?!

    I think it sometimes can be. It depends on what they are asking. For example, lots of people on this site are expressing things they have felt but not said, and the answer they may really be looking for is `yeah, I felt that too,’ rather than a neat way for them to move on.

    Obviously, it is good to answer people’s questions, but we must try to discern the question they’re asking first.

  6. I think there is a big danger in this! Do you know the person? The background? The reason for the comment? Why do you think it is a question!! Some people who give simplistic evangelical answers to someone’s ‘searching’ get right up my nose!
    I thought the idea of this site is to share our own feelings, thoughts, ideas, hopes. I’m not looking for ‘the answer’ because I don’t think its that simple.

  7. > I thought the idea of this site is to share our own feelings,
    > thoughts, ideas, hopes.

    I couldn’t agree more, Anonymous.

    How about an article by you sharing some of these things?


  8. again once people reply, you can always reply and point out how they were drastically wrong and so we all learn a little more.

  9. Yes I agree that some of the answers can be not what was asked but then we all have the opportunity to write and respond telling them why. I have had no difficulty in doing this.

    Please read ~ and Goliath if you don’t believe me.

  10. Good point ~~.

    How about everyone promises now to reply when they disagree and not just `let it lie’ – we’re here to express ourselves freely, right? …

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