Imitators Of Paul

From what I remember from the local Parish newsletters; Apostle Paul
alongside Peter is represented by the “Book” along the
Ah, he was the one who could be anything and everything to everyone
and anyone who were bound by Laws and different cultures away from godly worship.
Babel, confusion or lost to Darkness.

Peter described him as having the grace of wisdom – difficult for
babes without understanding – given to him.
That was the Paul of Tarsus a
man versed in Law.

But these days it is wise to admit we know nothing.
Wiser still to hate to know anything,

Sensitivity has become a curse to society
And conscience that small voice is suffocated every season,
the Old Paul.

The Shakespeares of today have locked their own selves in their ego-
asylums with heartfelt Sacrificial poses;
Seeking to be swallowed for all their nerves twinges
into a new kind of Paul, a Mr. Hyde kind to ease the imbalances.
A neo-paulinelike creation. In vogue without introspection.

Already! This is the age for your liberal legacies! This is that peak
of knowledge that the Romans killed for! This is your world growing
smaller and progressing still with no structures nor insurances to bind us.
These are not the means of which Luther had hoped for when he
nailed those “95 Theses” to exercise your faith!
But alas! Now behold, this new creation living re-inventions of Paul.
A “Post-Modern Paul,” a Paul versed choice.
In “mass choices” of himself, who he is and what the world can make of him.

Where art thou O’ Interior man? To be saying today: “be imitators of
me as I was of Christ.” (1 Cor. 11:1).

Where art thou O’ wise man? That once said I am what I am?

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  1. I’m really not sure what this article is all about, but I do feel vaguely condemned/convicted by it, if it’s saying something about watering down the message. Maybe the author would like to explain what they mean a bit more?

  2. I like your style but I’m not good enough to follow, if your saying we’re not bold enough to be ourselves I can dig that but what to do about it … I almost don’t know where to start battling.

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