After the burning

After the burning

he steps towards me with his blowtorch


and i run away again

of course i dont like the pain

but there is something more

when he is finished fine tuning me with pokers

will i still be around to see the result


what will be left

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  1. I guess, as I have said before, I read this as an example of my unwillingness to be fine tuned because of all the hurt and complications it causes.

    In my case, I didn’t run. I just took the poker out of his hand.

  2. IS the ego, the self constructed self all we have? We were made up from the societies, which God through this system raised us in. Then what would it be like to deny all that self, that self that God has raised us in our ego self, our… social self?

    In all that surrounds us, in all what trained us.

    To deny oneself all that they know all that they lived all that was grown in them not seen all as bad neither completely good but just life what survives?

    God wont force his will on the self and neither can the self trust another self it isn’t like.

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