Prayer for Sri Lanka, love between Christians and other faiths, the church playgroup and students.

Lord, please help us to pray now, and teach us how to pray. We thank you for the way our playgroup spreads the good news of your love to so many people who don’t get to hear it in other places. We thank you so much for answering our prayers as a church to provide […]

Prayer for Zimbabwe, DRC, divorced and separated people, healing, people who aren’t Christians

Lord, we ask you to help us pray now, and to be teaching us how to pray through our whole lives. We ask that you take our ambition to become a house of prayer and make it a reality: inspire us and encourage us in our prayer, and please show us now where you want […]


[Another post from ~] My wrestle with God is about how I find it difficult to do the one thing he asks me to do; Spend time with Him. There are no doubt many reasons for my neglect of God but I just don’t know where one is expected to find the time. And I […]