Season of the Moses

As we endure Lenten or fasting season and hold to our vows – hopefully more to be followed than this year’s resolutions – I am reminded of God’s commandments for his chosen ones as depicted in Exodus. How to act, how to worship, what to eat, what to wear, what not to eat, how not to worship, and so on. (See Exodus 20:1 onwards)

In short the legacy of Moses or Mosaic Law.

I know that we are not literally governed by these absolute Commandments anymore as in the Bible days, but aren’t they spiritually incorporated into our Christian lives still?

I feel there is something in the practicality of the original commandments that made things such as one’s faith and worship clear to the world. A worship that was obvious in a world of different cultures, and faiths as it is now. Who we associate with, what we do, wear, speak.

I wonder if this is what mostly confuses unbelievers about the Christian faith; it’s apparentness, its clarity. That it does not rely on concrete commandments but faithful or personal spiritual worship. Is Christian worship relative in this sense? In that practical worship is up to the individual’s judgement?