Folklore vs. Biblical God

Whatever happened to Jewish myths, fiction and parables? In the manner that we speak of indigenous Indian, African, or Greek cultural fables?

Did Israelites have romantic myths, or folklores for that matter? Myths they could enjoy, and entertain without considering it history, or the law of God. If so how would it be next to the Good Book?

Surely these myths would have a “culture conscious” effect on Israelite/Jewish culture and thinking the way other tribes, cultures and nations fables have on theirs to teach, to scare to preach or to guide.

We experience the of the power of myths, spoken through everyday parables, through art-forms, through visual media like films. Their influence can show in our thoughts, and beliefs when we are in the same situation that the myth or fantasy is based. For example when a child is acting in the manner of his father it would be said to him; “like father like son.” Which reflects the mythical parables and famous stories about sons that acted in their father’s footsteps. And because Hollywood is the mouthpiece for myths in our day when we find ourselves in a situation similar to a Hollywood story/plot we say to each other that it “was just like in a film.” The modern teller of fables.

Looking to the Hebrews what effect can we imagine cultural myths, fantasies and folklore had on Jewish, and Israelite thought back then? And how can we suppose the influence would have to the inspired writers of the Bible?

Reading the Bible I gather that Hebrews, Jews had pure traditions. Pure in the sense that almost all aspects of life had laws covering it, as St.Paul points out.
Does this mean Jewish Israelite people were the first or only people on earth to have no culture of thought based on myths, fantasies, folklore and mystical metaphors? Or did God become that metaphor?
That their teachings and understanding of life was based solely on the history and the law which the Bible writers their forefathers taught?

Did God’s involvement with the Israel nation replace for them what every other nation has in folklore, myths, romantic tales, and so on?

This question has weighed on me for some time and it isn’t the easiest task for anyone convicted with the writings of the Bible to communicate without sounding like a heretic or blasphemer. This being the case isn’t it so that anyyone who has ever asked where did the writer of the beginning get there history asking where is the folklore in it?


these are the days

(what are we about that has eternity written on it?)

these are the days of names…Rick, Bill, and Joyce
the days of mega church cells leaving the institutional church
and these are the days of book blogging gatherings
and purpose driven prophetic words emerging

and night is coming…

the days are fading away.

night is coming…

things seen in the light of the day- will they shine in the dark?