After the burning

After the burning

he steps towards me with his blowtorch


and i run away again

of course i dont like the pain

but there is something more

when he is finished fine tuning me with pokers

will i still be around to see the result


what will be left

Living in Liberty

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, thus sayeth the Lord. I used to be afraid to use that phrase, “Thus sayeth the Lord,” but as I grow in my walk with Jesus–knowing His will, love, and plans for us believers–the more firm I stand in saying that in Jesus, we are free.

It’s easy to say we are free from the consequences of sin and eternal death, for that comes with the territory of accepting Jesus as our Lord and personal Savior. But what about freedom in other areas? We read the Word of God and sing the songs about freedom and deliverance, but are we reading and singing something not yet obtained? Why do we still feel bound?

We are free, thus sayeth the Lord. We know that we were once slaves, but the Lord sets captives free if they call on Him. Let’s look at Ezekiel 46: 16-17:

“16 This is what the Lord has said: If the ruler gives a property to any of his sons, it is his heritage and will be the property of his sons; it is theirs for their heritage. 17 And if he gives a part of his heritage to one of his servants, it will be his till the year of making free, and then it will go back to the ruler; for it is his sons’ heritage, and is to be theirs.”

We read in Scripture numerous times that our inheritance in Jesus is not second best material, but instead Jesus traded our sins and guilt in exchange for His inheritance of eternal life and glory. What was once the Son of God’s, Jesus, is also our’s, the Children of God.

There is no guilt. There is no shame. Every tear from our eyes, He will dry (Revelation 21:4). We are free in Jesus, thus sayeth the Lord.

We are, according to the Word, free from habits, depression, sorrow, anger, immorality, lonliness, and the list continues. According to Scripture, that is.

We are not only free from bondage, but we are also free to things, such as being free to worship, free to express ourselves, free to forgive, free to be who we were created to be. If you’re 27 and are very youthful, you are free to be youthful. God made you that way, so you shouldn’t question God’s sovereignity by trying to be something else. Express yourself. Let your cup overflow, and being led and filled with the Holy Spirit, be free in Jesus.

Freedom, thus sayeth the Lord. We are no longer slaves, so a slave inheritance is no longer your’s. We must acknowledge that we are now new creations in Jesus. The old has died and the new is come. You are free. I am free. The first believer that comes to your mind right now is free. The believer after that – they are free, as well.

Our faith isn’t regulated by do’s and don’ts, but rather by a passionate persuit for our risen Deliverer, the One who stirs our hearts with a frustrated love. How does He do that? By intimate worship of Him, is He able to commune with you and then breathe His adoration and will into your life.

It is not God’s will that we live as captives. I say this for two reasons: One, He loves you and paid too great a sacrifice, and two, His glory should be displayed as a divine revelation in and through our lives.

Thus sayeth the Lord: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Steve Hudson is a layman for Souled Out Ministries Iowa, based out of the Magpie Coffeehouse. You can read his blog.