Weakness Christianity

It’s not often I read something that says somthing better than I think I could (I’m quite arrogant, btw), but here is one:

Quiet time guilt


It has really moved me, and I want to add some thoughts below, but I would also like others to comment and reflect on this.

Hypocrisy, ignorance or plain simple?

On his destination home while walking down his street on a midsummers afternoon he notices a man far off by the pavement of his traditional church.

‘No it couldn’t be it must be a large object instead, a human could not be lying like that on the surface of where all are treading?’ He says to himself. Unconvinced by his quick assumptions he continues walking down the same direction he sees this thing on the pavement. He almost arrives while he starts to detect that it must be something left for trash, but no. He first sees sneakers then jogging wear then a bottle in one hand with the other crouched up like a baby. ‘Oh my’! He says to himself as he reaches the church entrance where the figure openly lies. He suddenly starts to reduce his pace and wonders at what he sees? ‘What! Is this a person lying down in this hot weather while all pass, dehydrated and weary and in front of the church?!’

He says to himself while still walking. Passing by the lying figure on the ground at the entrance of the church, he suddenly stops as he almost passes by the head. ‘He is human!’ He says to himself. ‘And he must be tired it is so hot, and why is he just lying there burnt-faced eyes-closed and numb.!’ He knows that on the opposite side of his street has a shopping centre, few markets and bus-stops with people watching on and waiting. While to his left there are few ATM’s and people standing by and passing along. He finally bows his head down at the figure in despair and then slowly walks away with respect to what he has just seen.

Why does this man feel moved by seeing a figure by lying the high-street pavement?

Or is he moved at all?

Did he take notice that people were passing and watching, and was waiting for a reaction from them to the sight he saw?

Should he have done something to what he saw?

Did he care? Should he have just passed by like everyone else he saw did?

Should he care? Is there something to care about?

Finally what did he show respect to, himself or the figure by the pavement?

Is he horrible?….