A thought for the day.

I wrote this for the purpose of a daily reflection, a thought for the day. I am no English scholar but I would like to know others insights or reflections which they have had and so I offer one of mine.

You wake to the sound of your stereo as it forcefully throws out pressure waves which bounce of solid objects giving rise to the acoustics in your room. You listen to the music before opening your eyes as your mind slowly comes out of its sleepy slumber and begins to go through those first thoughts of the day unaware of how your inner ear translates the vibrations caused by three small bones in your middle ear into electrical impulses sent to the cerebrum of your brain.

You slowly get out of bed oblivious to your mind controlling your nervous system responding and reacting to every move you make. You walk across your room barely even comprehending how the mass of the earth is compelled to pull on your mass by constant force of attraction. You reach out to your stereo in order to change from the radio to a tape which is one of your old favourites. This simple action stops the information being received from electromagnetic radiation via modulation of a carrier wave at a specific frequency, to an induced electromagnetic force corresponding to the magnetic alignment of iron oxide particles.

As you open your door you hear the hinge creaking and almost asking you to give it some lubrication, which you instantly forget about as the light from the sun hits you with the full force of its luminescence. As your reflexes instantly force you to shield your eyes you ignore the fact that those rays of incandescence were formed by a thermonuclear reaction around 100 million miles away.

You enter the kitchen in order to make yourself your morning brew and turn on the kettle unconsciously accepting the generated electricity most probably by way of a turbine. You pour out the boiling water without a thought to the delicate irony of superheated steam producing a rotation in order to produce electricity so that you can create steam once again.

You stand for a while staring out of a fusion of lime, soda and silica window and watch a bird fly effortlessly outside. While you stare at its brilliance of control and wonder how can something so stupid know how to manipulate its body so gracefully using such complicated aerodynamics, you begin to wonder, how much do I really understand of this world ?

God is Sneaky

This is more of a ‘have you ever felt like this’ article rather than a BIG QUESTION I am struggling with though I do feel that it could start off some interesting stuff about how God affects our lives/influences us in a real way…

So, enough ‘prep’ and here is the real thing.

Has anyone ever found that God has sneakily changed your mind about stuff when you didn’t even want to change your mind?

I have

Especially about those really fun things that _good christians_ aren’t meant to do – like getting drunk, snogging random (inappropriate?) people, smoking… need I go on?

I have

Let me give you an example: at age 17 – very definitely a committed christian – I regularly went out and got really drunk with all my friends (one other of whom was a christian). The way I saw it was – I was ‘being real’ with them and being’one of them’ but really, I was just doing what I wanted to do and having lots of fun. (This did not stop me having a relationship with God where I was striving to do what He wanted etc) This may have led to lots of unfortunate things (or not) but this is not my point….

My point is that, at some point around 18/19ish, God managed to convince me that maybe this might be something I should at least look at. And the weird thing was – I didn’t resent him for making me think like this – I actually agreed.

What I’m getting at is – God somehow changed the way that I thought about the whole thing so convincingly that I actually believed him… I had always thought that if ‘God stopped me having fun’ I would put up with it, but not necessarily agree.

(Please note at this point that some of this particular change was also due to growing up a bit but let’s leave that as another aside…)

So – what do you think? Not about getting drunk etc but about how God influences us and how he moulds us to be more like him.

How do we know what is HIM and what is socialisation/growing up/suppressing ourselves/christian culture?????